The Goju system of karate, as taught by O'Sensei Richard Kim, is the central focus of the Academy. Students are taught through high energy training exercises, exciting partner and group work, and traditional Katas (forms). As the body is developed, the mind and spirit grow. Karateka (Karate Students) gain improved motor skills, increased attention span, improved confidence and sense of respect.

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The oldest form of martial arts is weaponry. Okinawan Weaponry was developed by the farmers and fisherman of Okinawa to defend themselves against the Samurai. The Samurai had outlawed weapons for the Okinawans, so all of the weapons are items that would have been present in small, rural communities. Moreover, many of the traditional katas now practiced as open hand, were originally developed to use weapons such as the bo.

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Through his friend and fellow martial artist, Sensei Joe Fournier, Sensei Intveld has brought Jiu-Jitsu and ground fighting in as part of the ongoing self defense training he offers. Jiu-Jitsu focuses on holds, throws, chokes, arm-bars and other such submission techniques that have been proven very effective when a fight does go to the ground.

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