The Academy of Martial Arts was founded by Sensei Robbert Intveld in 1987, this, with the cooperation of O'Sensei Richard Kim, the Zen Bei Butoku Kai and the Butoku Kai of Canada. Sensei Intveld trained for many years under the close tutelage of the late O'Sensei Kim and often recounts the words of advice offered to him:

The 10 most powerful two letter words: If it is to be, it is up to me.

Sensei Intveld's martial arts career began in 1980. In later years he was introduced to O'Sensei Richard Kim who would be the fundamental influence of his training. As he traveled and trained with O'Sensei, he met and maintained friendships with many other martial artists who continue to be a strong influence in his life. It was through his long time friend and training partner and the support of Kyoshi Joe Fournier that Sensei Intveld received the rank of Roku (6th Degree) black belt in the arts of Shorinji Ryu karate and Kobudo. His affiliation and continued training has also allowed him to be recognized as Kyoshi within the Kokusai Butoku Kai, and earned the position of Assistant Director of the Kokusai Butoku Kai of Canada. He attained his skill through his continued training in Goju Ryu karate and Kobudo alongside friend and training partner, Sensei Kurt Nordli, chief instructor and owner of the Shima Karate School in Nanaimo, British Columbia.